There are two separate villas with each consisting of two double bedrooms all with balconies overlooking the landscaped gardens, the stream at the edge of the garden and paddy fields beyond. Each far from each other. It is so overgrown with trees that if you're in one building, you can't really even see the other building. All the rooms are stylishly designed with expensive and exclusive wooden furniture and have attached bathrooms with h/w showers. Overhead fans help to keep the rooms cool and comfortable.

One building has two connected family rooms, each one with a big bed, TV/DVD and loft bed.
The other, closer to the river and more private, has two unconnected rooms that are more suitable for couples with river views and four poster beds but no TV/DVD. 

All rooms are equipped with coffee / tea making facilities and some have TV. All rooms have separate entrances providing for much privacy.

Tree House
There is a tree house which is ideal for bird watching and suitable for more adventureious and eco friendly visitors. It has a proper staircase leading up to it and a full bed with a spring mattress hung hammock style. There is a toilet inside the tree house.

Sri Lankan rice and curries are served here cooked by an `archchi’ – elder female from the village in true traditional style over a hearth and served in clay pots.

Tours and Excursions
We can arrange
trekking up to Horton Plains through Nonpareil Estate, Devils staircase from Kalupahana to Ohiya and camping in Samanalawewa area. In addition,nature trekking in the village and bird watching can be organized.One day excursions or round tours to nearby attractions on 4 WD vehicles, luxury cars or vans can be arranged on prior notice.